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My Winter Project


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So every winter I find something to detail thats not a car but rather something I can do inside. 2009, was a Old Brass Fire Extingusher. 2010, was a 1976 Fire Truck. This year I found my 2011 Winter Detail while cleaning out the Fire Station...








And here is after a little experimenting with Adam's Metal Polish #1....





I am looking for some tips on how to get into the small areas and stuff like that. I am trying to figure out how to replace the wrapping around the middle part too.


I'll take any advice. Hopefully Bud will chime in too.

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Also, I have found that a product called Shower Power will clean brass to a new unpolished finish. It is for your shower and hard to find here in Oregon because everything is going "GREEN" Just spray it on and hose it off and the brass will look like new. Remember though it will be a dull finish and need to be polished afterward.

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