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Will This Buff Out?



I was driving to wisconsin for gun opener of deer hunting last night and a fawn decided to start coming out in the road. I slammed on the brakes but it kept coming at me. I probably hit it going 35 - 45 mph. It's head slammed off my front bumper doing no damage but left a smudge. It spun around rubbed against my front wheel and slammed into my drivers door. It was flopping around in the road so i got out of my truck to get my knife out of my hunting backpack and a car from the opposite direction came flying by at the speed limit of 55+. Narrowly missed the deer that was now laying calmly on the center line. Ran off before i could do anything. Probably died a slow death from head trauma which is sad, but there was nothing i could do.










The bright side is that i havent purchased a polisher yet so i didnt have a bunch of wasted time on the door.

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It is always the worst to hit a deer and it runs off. Because now all you have is a beat up truck, you have to pay you deductible, probably miss your hunting weekend, and you still no meat in the freezer. At least when it doesn't run off you can still have a nice meal.

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I was about 30mins away from the hunting location and the damage didnt affect my ability to drive it so i did hunt this weekend. Got word today that my deductible is $500 so ill be paying for most or all of it since i dont think it will be a ton since it is just that one door.

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