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I thought that I had signed up on this forum already, because I've browsed it numerous times, but I guess I was wrong. I signed up this morning because I wanted to come say how much I've enjoyed using Adam's products!


I currently own two 2009 G8 GT's, but one of them is for sale. I've had the red one for a little over 2 years, and the black one I just recently purchased. I got a killer deal on it and just couldn't pass it up!


On Thursday I detailed the black one for the first time, and was once again amazed by the combination of Adam's products and the Porter Cable. I had polished my first G8 a couple of times, and the results were outstanding. Now the wife wants me to detail her Camry...


Here are a few pics of my cars. I'll start a new thread later with some more detailed pics of the magic that Adam's products performed on my car. I look forward to hanging out in here!






Detailed G8 by johnpolo, on Flickr



Detailed G8 by johnpolo, on Flickr



Detailed G8 by johnpolo, on Flickr



G8 by johnpolo, on Flickr



G8 by johnpolo, on Flickr



049 by johnpolo, on Flickr



008 by johnpolo, on Flickr



037 by johnpolo, on Flickr





Red G8 by johnpolo, on Flickr

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Thanks everyone!


:welcomebanner: from Michigan, that black G8 is the exact color combo i was looking at before i got my jeep, its hot man! cept i would have it those windows tinted, fishbowlin man :D. what kinda numbers is that maggie G8 putting down?


As of the last dyno, 564rwhp and 532rwtq. The car was conservatively tuned because it was running lean over 5800rpm.


I just had a new fuel system installed, and will be having it retuned and dynoed next Monday. I'm expecting a little over 600rwhp, which is probably as far as I'll be pushing this car considering it is my daily driver.


The windows are tinted slightly, although it doesn't look like it in the pictures (it was really bright that day). The tint is legal here (around 35%), but would like to go darker eventually. It's just a pain having to find someone to let it pass inspection every year if you go any darker than 35%.


Here's a better pic to show that it's not fishbowling :)



G8 by johnpolo, on Flickr

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