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Well since it was raining....



I finally got around to starting to detail the under carriage of my baby, this is my first time at doing this so not sure if I did it "right" so to speak. I just used a soft brush in a bucket of sudsy water and then blow dried most of the water off and went over everything I could with dressing. Seems like it is really hard to get clean under there totally, I feel like I kind of put the dressing over some dirt b/c I just don't think I can get it all off this way, plus there is greasy crap, etc. I'm assuming this is acceptable for the undercarriage? I've only done the frame rails and underbelly pans so far, not sure how to tackle the suspension component areas. Maybe since it has never been done until now if I put it on a regular rotation it will get easier and easier, how often do you guys do this???







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Guest Gone & Forgotten

I need to toss mine up on the wheel cribs and do this myself. over 5k on it now... could use it.


Can we use IUCS on the plastic-y parts? Is it safe on things like boots, bushings?

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