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Group buy on a DeFelsko PosiTector? Or any other options?



From what I can tell, the PosiTector is the only option for paint thickness measurements that will give you separate figures for base + clear. Everything else out there is just total thickness, which means you're left to measure behind the door or under the hood/trunk, subtract and hope you've got a reasonably accurate number that you can apply to the entire car. If there any other options that are less expensive I'd love to find out more.


Assuming there aren't, the pricing of the PosiTector is pretty ridiculous at $2600 or thereabouts. I'm wondering if anyone (Adams, private detailers, etc.) have ever approached them about a group buy?

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Let's guess they'll give you 50% off list (most likely less) with a minimum order of 20. Someone doing a group buy is going to need $26k cash. Then you need to find 20 buyers. Offering 20% off would put sale price at roughly $2k. I don't see it happening. For $4k I can have my whole car repainted. If you detail for a living, you can justify the cost. For personal use, it's not reasonable.

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