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New from St. Augustine


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Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Part of St. Augustine. My name is Ted Tyndall.

I was introduced to Adam's through a post by SRTLUVR on a different forum. I drive a Dodge Charger SRT8 so that will narrow down the forum.


I have always used Meguiars until Chase was nice enough to call me on the phone from Alabama. Not sure if I will forgive him for that.

He quickly proceeded to explain I needed a second mortgage on my car to buy just the bare essentials.


I then called Dylon the next day and went over what Chase had said. He quickly informed me that Chase had no knowledge about what he was telling me.


He said the truth was I would need an Equity line on my house to get started. He recommended an Equity line instead of a second mortgage. With a second mortgage I would order and pay and the money would be gone. With an Equity line I could order and still have credit available to order again.


I am in the final stages of my first order and what do I find out? Adam's is going to be at the Turkey Rod Run just 50 miles from me starting tomorrow.


If I place my order with Dylan, how many people think I will go to the Turkey Rod Run and stand at the Adam's booth and walk away without buying items not placed in my first order?

I may have to wait until Saturday to go to the event so that I will have Friday to get my Equity Line open. I sure hope the banks are not open Friday.


So anyway, I just wanted to say hi...

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Welcome again Ted!


Hope to meet you Saturday in Daytona, I should be there all day.


You way want to pick any gallons you had planned to order at the show to save on shipping. If you're placing the really big order this weekend, then I guess the shipping charges don't apply to you!

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I need to stake out some banks before Saturday. I have to find a place that can take a mask and imprint Dylan or Chase's picture on it.

Does anyone know Dylan's license plate number? I can make a cardboard license plate with his numbers.

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Well, Dylan told me to bite the bullet and order the Ultimate Flex Kit. I was all ready and realized it came with only one bucket. I wanted the two bucket setup which Dylan said I would need to order two of the Ultimate Flex Kits to get that.


After thinking about it I decided against ordering because that would give me two vacuum cleaners and I only need one. O'well. Back to the drawing board.

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