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Half way through my first machine polish



So far so good. I hired Junkman to come show me how to do things right last weekend so Thanksgiving morning at 7am I took off the training wheels and got started on my Mercedes G55. It has a lot of flat panels, it's black and it sits outside, so it was in bad shape and scratches are very visible but it's perfect for easy machine polishing too so at least there's that. So far I'm about 16 hours into it and I've got the whole thing washed and clayed, then I've got the hood and front quarters along with one side polished and waxed. Working my way through the rest of the car this weekend; the front-facing areas were the worst so it's going quicker now.


Here's the supplies that got the party started:




I've been using the Flex on the larger panels because it made going through the bad areas a lot quicker, and the PC with the focus pads on the tighter areas where I could get at them with a 4" pad. Then applying the super sealant with the PC. Only problem I've run into so far has been now that I'm going over every inch of the car so closely, I've found several little pin-dot paint chips that most people would never notice but now I know they're there so it pisses me off and I keep looking at them lol.


So here's how things looked before clay (all pics clickable for larger version):




And after claying which added some marring due to how heavily coated the paint was from being outside for years; I was folding the clay in several times per panel because of how bad it was but still couldn't avoid it. Went through two refills of detail spray.




So I went at it with swirl & haze remover first, then fine machine polish, and finally super sealant. Now that same panel looks like this (the little spots are lint from the microfiber):






Here's how the hood turned out:





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Nice results Dave! Especially with that Benz as I know first hand how bad a shape it was in. I know your arms must be sore from all that claying. Gesh!


I see you bought a light. Did you get the Serfas 500 like I had?


lol yeah I ordered it from my phone when we stopped for lunch; got it on Tuesday.

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lol yeah I ordered it from my phone when we stopped for lunch; got it on Tuesday.




Geesh! Technology today! That thing is a ton better than any of these lights you see being sold for detailing today. Those things are a joke. You can even use them on a bright day and hardly at all outdoors unless it is dark. That Serfas will put out an eye with how bright it is. Good choice, and you can also use it if you ever buy a bike. :D


Oh by the way, sorry about your luck on Friday. You all had me scared for a minute there but my Cards pulled it out! :cheers:

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