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New (Big Boy) Toy & It's First Bath!


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Well it came about 3 weeks ago and I just washed it for the first time....


Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures. I forgot my Camera.


100% Adam's Products.



















Expecting another new one to come next month too!!!! :D

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Have you bought 5-gallon jugs of Metal Polish?


Have not yet! Was talking to Adam about it first about how to keep it clean with hard water.


How many man hours was it to Adamize that????


Looks good I must say. My other question is did you get everybody at the Station to convert?


Took 3 hours to hand wash and dry it tonight.


Can't wax it until Mid January because of the paint :willy:


Parts of it are in desperate need of buffing. They did not do it after painting it.


I have converted 1 out of 6 at my station. I don't talk to station 1 guys that much. I guess you could say 2 people because my Capt. has me take care of his truck in the summer.

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Look how shiny that chrome is..... Good job!


something that big I wouldnt know where to start


It's really not that bad... There is actually about as much paint on it as a large SUV or Pick em up.


It's the Diamond Plate that's a pain in the ***.

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Washed with Adam's Shampoo. Did the tires and wheels with APC, GWC and finished with SVRT. Did the Diamond Plate with wire wheel cleaner (tip from Adam) and then went over most of (that I could reach) with an orange pad on a drill with Metal Polish #1.



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