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Are you kidding me! thanks mom GRR



I turned the corner in the dining room (i dont go in there much) and i saw my adams box with quick sealant/36oz gwc in there. I guess it was delivered on friday. I asked her why she didnt let me know it came and she responded "ohh, well i dont know, didnt think it was that important. besides what ever is in there will take you away from getting the leafs done" :mad::mad::mad::mad:


I had plans this weekend to fix up my mini for winter, especially while it was 66 degrees out:mad:


I watched the tracking number and it said it was going to be delivered friday, when it didnt arive i just assumed fedex had the weekend off. Arg.....See if she gets her car washed until Christmas:mad: ;).

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Brendon, I'm sorry, I swore I looked and saw CA. I'm just getting old don't pay me no mind. Hope you have a warm day soon.


Ha, Dont worry! CA/NJ, i see how you can get them mixed up :jester: There are two huge difference between the two. Women in Cali are gorgeous and so is the weather. In NJ the women are orange and look like snooki and we dont get nice weather:lolsmack:


My mom does the same crap to me. "Oh well you said you had alot of homework so I figured this crap would distract you from it". You know where I found it? Her closet, 2 days after it was delivered.


Im sorry, but that is f*@#$&! up...i could see that if you stole her card to purchase adams but not if your using your own money:willy: However, i have often though about sneaking the card:loser:


And where is that room exactly? I want to make sure that room is secure...




I agree, what is your address and what room is it. You cant be too careful with these packages :jester: we'll make sure they're locked good:D

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other side of the US man, i hate NJ i wish i did live in cali:(


When I washed my wife's SUV on Friday morning it was 48 degrees. It still beats when I was washing my cars in NJ and the doors would freeze shut before I could dry everything, but it's not always sunny here in NorCal either.

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