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Suggestions to Strip Multiple Coats of Sealant



Good evening.

I nearly dropped and ended up sitting down a small plastic tub onto the hood of my Mustang today, just to get a better grip...... It then slid down the hood before I could get it.

No paint damage, but some serious marks and swirls as it rotated down the hood.......yes stupid move on my part.


The hood has two coats of Klasse glaze and I would say the equivilent of about three coats of Americana.

I experimented a bit tonight and it is al going to have to come off in order to get these out completely.


Suggestions? Vinegar, alcohol or Dawn or APC diluted?

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Doing a dawn wash is kinda hard to do in an isolated area. If your planning a full detail of the whole car, I would


1 wash with dawn

2 IPA wipedown 1st.

THEN...3 claybar


I like to make sure all the wax is off before claying so that I don't waste clay bar on "old wax" removal (clay aint cheap) and focus the clay bar use, on removing contaminants


After those three processes you can bet there will not be anything left on the finish and you can begin polishing


If you are just repairing one area... A double wipedown of IPA should suffice



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