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Using The Proper Applicator IS Important!



I recently got a message from a customer of mine who had purchased a fair amount of products from me. One particular product was Adam's Glass Sealant.


Well he had decided not to spend the few extra bucks for the micro fiber applicator and decided to use his nice Red Foam Applicator ( normally used for Leather Conditioner). The result is in the picture:




Yes it disintegrated on him, now he laughed at himself for being cheap and it cost him in the long run. But actually I traded him a new Red Applicator for this picture. Moral of the story, wash out your applicators and make sure to use the correct applicator for the product.

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Haha, wow. The funny thing is, the red applicators are more $$.


I spray my Glass Sealant on and just wash out the sprayer when I'm done and put the other top back on the bottle. Then wipe with the blue applicator. No big deal since you don't have to apply it very often, and it doesn't rain here but a few months a year! Just my preferred method, seems to work for me.

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It also appears he stores in a ziplock bag? Did he possibly seal the bag with a damp applicator?

Yeah pretty sure he did Travis, he knows better now. He kind of laughed at himself because he knew he was being cheap in the first place and trying to save a little time on top of it all.

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