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Dad, are we there yet?



Remember when you were little and going on a trip and kept asking your father if we were there yet? Or even worse, later your kids were asking you the same thing?


Ashley, are we there yet? I ordered product and it has not arrived. When will it get here. I'm bored. I want my product. I was waiting to show off my car with the new shine and I don't have any new product like I promised all my friends and the local Charger Club.


What's the problem? Why is it taking soo long to get anything? I thought you guys had good customer service?

I mean whats the deal?




This is the way I feel after ordering. I'm like a kid in a Candy Shop.

Where's my Candy?


Actually their customer service is phenomenal. I placed an order Sunday afternoon and e-mailed Dylon Monday night and asked if I had time to "majorally" change the order. At 6:30pm ET he e-mailed back and said it was packed and ready to be shipped but he could put a hold on it. I told him to stop the order.

Tuesday they took my order (I'm talking a $400 order) and put it back in stock. I got with Dylon and e-mailed him a new order. He sent it to Ashley who credited out the old order and placed the new order and it was shipped out. All of this was keeping me on the Holiday Special.


There is only one problem. Now I have to wait the weekend before my new kit and supplies come in before I can "Play" with it.


Thanks Dylon and Ashley for great customer service.


By the way, the reason I ended up with Adam's products was because of all the threads I read about the great support.


Where's My Candy?:banana:




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James, this is supposed to be a friendly forum. You are not supposed to throw in my face what I already know and have regretted since last weekend.


I know, I admit I got lazy and regret not being there. All the pictures made me feel even worse.


If I commit suicide this weekend it will be your fault for pushing me over the edge.

It will be your obligation to drive into town and detail my wife's car for the rest of her life.


Ummm. I wonder if I could play dead?

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