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Shine Crew Complete: Jaguar E-Type

THE Mook

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One of the first cars the Shine Crew got it's hands on in Auburn, this poor, old Brit came to us being very chalky, faded, and sad looking. It was obvious to the whole team that this puppy would need some really close attention. We started with a two bucket wash, used Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and a brush to get the top back in order, SVRT on all the trim, tires, engine hoses and such. A combination of SHR and FMP on the Flex, everything in the Perfect Interior Kit on the inside, plenty of APC and WW to clean the engine bay. Any and all britework was hit with Revive, MP#1 and MP #2. The car was completed with a pass of Revive on the Flex, then followed up with BG.


Lining it up right off the delivery truck.



Pulled it next to the Falcon (that write-up can be found here: http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/detailers-write-ups/13567.htm) to initiate the wash process.




Justin touching up the interior with In and Out Spray



There was never a second of downtime in Auburn for us detailers. One car after another, sometimes 5 at a time, and trust me, we could have had another 20 cars had we had the time and arms!



Justin really liked being in the hellish heat inside the cars during the final walk. Here he is touching up the glass.



Here Justin, Greg, and I all work feverishly to complete the touch up on the Jag.



Results! The paint now popped like buttered popcorn! No more chalkiness, the tires were happy to be cleaned and dressed. The engine was now as bright as it had ever been, and clean too! Look at all that metal shine!











Again, thank you goes out to Brandi, Greg, and Justin!


Thanks for stopping in!


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Hard to see the big changes in the photos, but I'm sure they really popped in person. Sweet job on a beautiful car!



With this color, I was worried. Biggest things to look for are the paint differences in the first picture vs the last. The paint in the first couple pics seems to be faded, almost dead, and chalky. Whereas the last pic, you can see the richness of the yellow come out and even some depth! Same goes for the tires, the wire wheels, etc. It literally felt like we were making technicolor into 1080p!


Thanks! :pc:

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Too bad it wasn't a REAL Jag, and just some knock-off JaCuar. :lol:


Seriously, I would find a way to get an unbroken badge from a junked Jag.


I can definitely see the paint difference in the pics. Nice work.



EDIT: I googled it and I guess it's not broken afterall. They all look that way.


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E type jags are some of my favorite cars in the entire world.


The hardest part was claying! I tackled this one with clay and it was coming off with a bunch of red stuff!!! It was like overspray. Pics do NOT do that any justice.


Great job guys. Nice little car.


Thanks for all the nice words! Like I mentioned before, there were two ETypes there. This one and one we didn't detail. The one WE DID SOLD FOR $51,700, and THE ONE WE DIDN'T DO WENT FOR $40,500. Winner!


The "other" EType



I thought Brandi's arms were gonna explode after claying the Jag and the Metro! I had a MicroMachine of an EType when I was a kid....been the only Jag I've ever wanted to drive. This one had real nice leather.





There will be a neat little write-up from the Shine Crew posted this afternoon so stay tuned!



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IMO, the E type is one of the sexiest cars in the world, not sure that yellow does it justice, but you guys (and Brandi) did great. The engine alone is beautiful, would love to have a Jaguar engine for a coffee table.

Nice job.


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