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Lotus Exige S Detail + more!


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Our friend Rich wanted his lotus cleaned up before stored for winter so here's another sexy black whip. and this thing sucks trying to get into and im 6ft and the owners taller.Some others stopped by today as well...pics below


2 bucket wash w/ wax removal

IPA wipe

clay bar

Swirl and Haze Remover

Fine Machine Polish

Brilliant Glaze

Americana Paste Wax

Glass cleaner

In and Out Spray

Interior Vac

Leather and interior Cleaner

Camera was on verge of death. never seem to remember to charge it.








and our other friend stopped by with his Lotus Elise, he recently bought and broke the front clam, and since hes a painter he decided to repaint the whole car. Flat white. came out nice. and his sweet custom interior.... actually looks really nice lol






oh and another local forum member stopped by for a quick handwash before storing the beast for the winter.



new cf lip and ductail - i like!





just a little busy last week. this week is a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Volvo Turbo wagon, and Duramax Dullie.

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Lol yeah the white lotus owners a little different and wanted it to stand out. At least itd real louie vaton!


And thats just a regular Z06 with the CF lip and spoiler. The acupavia(sp) exhaust is nasty, comes with a keyless remote that opens the flappers on the mufflers.Little rumble with it closed and loud azz idle rumble when they are open. Hes got a 750hp E85 Evo 8 as well that is mean.

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nah supposed to still be no snow rest of the week. just getting cold. but ive been washing and everything indoors already for awhile so it works out. just tryin to cram a few more cars that all the sudden want a cleaning.


Lucky you... I guess it's skiping over you. It's been a fine snow/sleet/icy combo all damn day. Gonna be scary driving at midnight.

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yeah both are road course drivers, so they have the rear diffusers for better air flow.


Oh, no I meant it's funny because people put those on their cars and think it's doing something. It doesn't have enough vanes and the car is nowhere near close enough to the ground for it to make any appreciable difference. The Euro-spec diffuser even has holes cut in it for the exhaust which completely screws up the air flow; that's what the video shows.

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