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Thompson Racing Test Session, Darlington SC


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We went testing the week before Thanksgiving at Darlington International Dragway in Darlington, SC. We run a ProMod '53 Corvette, setup for 1/8mi drag racing. The chassis was built by AP Race Cars and we run an AJPE TFX Hemi with twin Turbonetics turbos. My brother Elliot drives and my other brother, my father and I crew.


Car parked in the pits late one night:


<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com399959385.jpg

399959386.jpgWe bent the steel wheelie bars, but had a spare titanium set with us, so we threw them on. They were cracked by the end of the weekend, but made it through. The car kept shakin, cause we didn't have any power in it up top, so we kept breaking the titanium shoot frames. We'd weld em up and safety wire them, but they'd just break next pass.



Fortunately, our chassis builder, Alan Pitman is close by and brought some titanium round and flat stock. Talk about a beef frame!





Despite a tricky track, we made 20 passes and really cleaned up the starting line launch. Our best 60' for the weekend was 0.970s. The car went a 4.13 to the 1/8, at 178mph, which is relatively slow for this car. We didn't have much boost in up top, and the clutch was not locked up. This pass would have been a mid 3.70 if it were a full pass, to give an idea of where the car is.<o:p></o:p>


We put a few videos up on our site, some are older, but There are a couple from the last test session. More to come!


©* 2011 Thompson Racing<o:p></o:p>


Friday night was Grudge Race night, so we were only able to get one pass in:<o:p></o:p>


Last pass of the session:



The car will be getting a new paint job for next season and we plan to be out shortly after. Next planned test session is Feb2012, most likely Bradenton, FL.


Make sure to watch for us in the ADRL!

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