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RIP "Budhayes3" billy ceralli


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Not sure if he was on here, but I know a few truck people from here knew him. Sad really, knew that guy rather well. Always was a helpful and nice guy. Knew him from old AMF, and LS1tech days.


budhayes3 - PerformanceTrucks.net Forums


donations for his daughter...


budhayes3 has passed away. Donate for his daughter here - PerformanceTrucks.net Forums

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I've contacted the admins at PT.net about donating a travel bag kit to raffle off. I'll post the info here when its official. That poor little girl now will have to grow up without her daddy and I feel compelled to help in some way. :(


yeah I donated to the paypal fund for his daughter if I wasnt on lockdown right now with this heel spur i would be going to the viewing.

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We've donated one of the Deluxe Bag Kits to PT.net to raffle off and raise money for little Rosie. Buy a chance to win and support a good cause!


Adam's Kit giveaway!


Please spread the word, $2.40 isn't a lot of money and if enough people contribute we can make a very big difference for a little girl who has lost her dad.

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Hey guys and gals...


performancetrucks.net collected $7,000 in the name of Billy's daughter's college fund. With the help of many including Adam's Polish and their customers. I have set a date that I'd like to hand deliver the donations, October 6th. Here is the link to our forum page that is tracking the little get together...

Bud Hayes payout for his daughter's college fund. - PerformanceTrucks.net Forums


Here is the facebook page for it...



Any of you are invited. Let me know if you have any questions. Again, thanks for your support, Billy was an awesome guy with a hidden illness that is incredibly hard to understand. While we earned the right to be angry, we stood as a family would for his daughter. And for that, the community has made me proud to be part of it. Thanks!

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