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Suggestions on care for new rims..



Hey everyone just had my new rims put on today and was wondering what some of you might start off with?


The first the thing i was going to do was use some APC on the wheel wells then move to the wheels and use the green wheel cleaner that by chance showed up the same day as the rims. Then I thought either super sealant or americana first then the super sealant..

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Clean them with APC. That will strip everything off. After that, dry them and apply either quick sealant or machine super sealant by hand. No need for a wax reall but you can add one ontop of the sealant after its past it's "cure" time. After that just clean them regularly with green wheel cleaner.

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Let's make this real simple.


The first time, clean them with an APC/shampoo mix to strip the protectants that are on there.


Then use MSS or SS and then Americana if you want.


Then it's nothing but shampoo washes or GWC if they get pretty dirty.




If you have not already done so, set yourself up with a bottle of pre-mixed Car Wash solution and a foaming sprayer to keep with your GWC and APC - http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/tips-tricks/4606.htm

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MP isn't for chrome.


Since when?


Straight from the website:


Adam's Metal Polish #1 is the first step to bringing back your dull looking aluminum, chrome, or stainless trim.


If you have polished aluminum, chrome, stainless or other uncoated metal trim prepare to see a shine like you've never seen before! You won't believe the shine you'll achieve with Adam's Metal Polish #2 easy to use formula.

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I am guessing these 'chrome' wheels are clear-coated, so the MP twins are not needed, just some FMP or Revive.


Yep, that's what I was referring to.


All of the chrome wheels I've owned and worked on have been cleared, and I think that's the nature of most chromed wheels. I don't think they leave them "bare" at the end of the plating process.

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