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Car Show questions - Detailing ect



Hey guys, first off, I just got my first order of Adams stuff in the mail :cheers:


So I have a huge show coming up this weekend, its a 4 day, inside show, its raining right now, and I will be driving the car there, so my question is this, what is the best way to clean the car when I get there after driving 80 miles in the rain. Its in my shop right now, and I will be detailing it, waxing, doing the Adams thing to it.


There is no hose there to rewash it, and there is a car wash, but over my dead body that I will let that thing eat my car lol.


What do you guys do? Any tips? Tricks. And I'm TRYING to find someone that has a enclosed trailer but I don't think it will happen lol



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ok no waterless wash, I hate to suggest it but I would see if you can pick up a OTC WW product like Megs or something, maybe tons of detail spray? Your really between a rock and a hard place.

-Thought of something else. Check to see if there is a touchless wash you could run it through when you get to your event then spray it down like crazy with detail spray and go from there

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i guess its too late sense you already ordered it but i would not even think about doing a WW after an 80 mile trip in the rain. the only way i would do this is find a hose or use this machine. if you have two adams buckets fill them up with water/soap solution and close the lid. They are sealed so no worry about them leaking unless they tip over :thumbsup:


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Let's put it this way. I had a show a couple years ago. It was fine when I started out, but hit huge storms when I was close to the show, and it ended up clearing up afterwards. No water to wash it. But I did have my WW and tons of proper rags, so I did it.

Big mistake. Ended up with major minor scratches on the paint that took forever to correct (not 100% even now). So if you can carry 2 buckets with you, then go for it.

I'll never do it again. If the weather isn't clear and sunny........forget it. That little piece of plastic isn't that bif of a deal. :2thumbs:

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Its not a piece of plastic. Its $$$$ :)


Its a 4 day event and inside.


The weather say MAYBE light showers in the PM. SOOOO I hope it holds out.


If I have to, I will just bring my PC and all my stuff, and redue it all when I get there :) lol

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