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First show of the year today!


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Went to the first car show of the year in my area today, took home third, which is respectful, lost to an old restored Bronco and an old restored GMC. So I'm fine with it!



Here's some pictures of my ride all cleaned up and I think she looks pretty damn good for an 06 that sit's outside and is driven hard on the weekends.



















Rolling shot...


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzqI9WQpmYA]SS Exhaust - YouTube[/ame]

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Want the wife to get a TBSS so bad - but think she's hell bent on getting another C5 Corvette -


Goodbye Mustang -


If I can get her into a TBSS - I think she'll do it.


You should have had 2nd and a half - that thing looks great.

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