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11 Porsche GT3RS. And a story to go with it.


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Attended one of my areas first car shows of the season today and the first car that automatically caught my eye was this beautiful Porsche GT3RS. As I'm drooling over the car taking pictures of it, the ower, who was awesome might I add, came walking up and just started telling us fact of the car. He's a local guy and you just don't see car's like this in my area.


Spec's of the car... 2011 Porsche GT3RS. Only 60 or so were made in the US for 2011 and the owner said he doesn't think they will be making them again til 2014. The car is sort of a custom color scheme, because white was the color that Porsche promoted. Has all kind's of different upgrades from the base model. Including the color matched gauge cluster, taillights, ceramic brake's. And a lot more that I don't remember. He stated that the car was 157k which he bought new, obviously, and the Porsche doesn't finance these cars for "obvious reasons". So I'm thinking holy cow what's this guy do! So I asked, if he ever ran it, and how many miles were on it... He replies "Never ran it, I work 6-7 days a week so I don't really have any spare time, but I did get it up to 155 once... and those brakes really bring you to a stop fast. Didn't think I was closing in on the truck in front of me as fast as I was. And she only has 600 miles on her". My jaw dropped lol.


Upon listening to him telling me all the features of the car, he brings up that the 07 GT3 that he traded in on this car, was the car the Jackass star, Ryan Dunn was killed in. And I don't mean one like it, it was THEE one. I guess the car had some type of vent on the front nose, under the trunk, and this guy saw someone walking away from the accident scene with this piece and knew right away it was his old car. And I remember seeing that car at another local car show a few years back (I have a picture somewhere but I can't find it). And I just couldn't believe that! He had pictures laying in the car of when he had it, and after it was wrecked.


For those of whom who don't know what I'm referring to, here's a picture






And here's the picture's of his car that he traded the GT3 in on. :drool:






















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