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Can i get some business advice from all of you?


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I have been inundated with phone calls, i recently ran an angies list ad/big deal and had an overwhelming response. I went from a near dead 3-4 new clients a month to (literly in the course of a week) 120 new clients. If you were to ask me if im busy i would be lieing to you if i said i was. I am literly overwhelmed.


Im a one man shop (with a few helpers here and there) most of these i have to do estimates for, then if its a go ahead order parts then once they come in schedule for installation. I am using outlook for my scheduling/calender but HOW do i keep track of all these new jobs/customers/items. Especially inventory and who gets what? it was pretty easy keeping track of parts for 3-4 new clients but now im literly going to have to displace the mini and turn the garage into a wharehouse. :willy:


I use quickbooks online but i dont think it keeps track of inventory, job specifics or anything. I have made a makeshift excel sheet but this past week proved to be disastrous when i showed up to the job with the wrong parts.


Ive still got to figure out a more permanent help situation, i lcannot do all of this my self. Its been an 80hr work week just doing consultations and pounding out estimates. I dont have the time to interview anyone, let alone "installers"


Help! any advice or incite would be greatly appreciated. I NEVER would have expected to get this type of response from angies list. I guess its a good problem to have? better then not having anything :o

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

I can't offer you any words of wisdom, since I'm a new business owner myself - but congrats on the growth.


I recently pulled the trigger on my licensing and insurance for 2 businesses - one is Painting and Drywall repair (23 years in the field) and Auto Detailing (3 years of hands-on and numerous happy clients). I'm still cautious about the detailing and mainly got it so I can write off my Adam's and half of my garage - But - at 41 years old, I'm sick of making someone else rich running his company as a Painter -


I run myself ragged for him and handle everything but bidding and pickup up checks - why not do this for myself?


Found this: inFlow Inventory Software | Inventory System

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It sounds like you are on the right track, you just need to be able to take a moment and breath through it though. Using outlook sounds like a good first step, allows you to keep track of appointments and time. A quick search pulled this up: Can 9 Software > - Website Design > E-Commerce Or there is this I just noticed if you have an I-phone: App Store - Service Call For the time being though, I would imagine something in Excel to keep track of the stuff is going to be your best bet, or set up a full database in Access. That way you can set up your inventory solution, who gets what and when you plan on doing it. I know Access is a bit of setup to get it to function properly, but once you get it created you would be set. Just ideas. Congrats on the business though!

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thanks guys! I do audio video systems and my biggest issue is keeping track of the parts for the specific job. This was easy when i could keep track of the items coming in for jobs for 4-6 clients a month. Im having an order delivered tommorow and will have 60+ pieces for various jobs.



You might try using Evernote software.


Actually I could handle the admin work/estimates etc its the installations im more worried about because i have so many i cant do that all myself or even use my as needed guys. I need to send people out to do them while im doing the admin work. Or just higher a book keeper/secretary. :)


For anyone that has a service based business i HIGHLY recommend angies list and doing a "Big Deal". Its been a phenomenal success.

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I am sure some of this software can do it, but something like a 'build list' for each job would be very helpful. Tracking that back to your inventory is something I would look for in the software. I am a big 'list' person (Virgo, accounting degree, computer programmer) so this is how I would attack it for now.

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Congrats on a first class problem!! :willy:


I would first figure out what you are not good at doing or do not enjoy doing... then find help that is good at that function. One good person in an area that isn't your strength can make all the difference in the world for your stress levels. Based on the little bit you shared it sounds like you could use help with the administration; ordering, inventory management, picking/packing job orders for installation, scheduling, etc.



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