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If I were'nt Straight Id hug Adam



Ok, if I ever met him I would anyways! I detailed my Mustang for the first time this spring. The car looked Amazing f:thumbsup: for a DD driven in Michigan all winter. Granted I still hand washed but man oh man I thought. Do I really need a full detail? I was going to touch up a couple minor areas and then thought what the hey. So I FMP'd the whole car. The pad was black!


This after a wash with Adams Shampoo and a little APC. Worked like a charm! Muxh better than Dawnfordishes! The grey clay was superb! My car was incredibly rough to begin with! Did the whole clay in an hour.


Finished with FMP. Adam your products make my car look like a show car. I cant thank you enough!!!


I love ya man!



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Yes, but after this we were talking, and he insisted I tried the Flex on the vette... I was hooked since. Just don't have the cash for one.


I was just yankin' yer chain.

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