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A few first with my wife's G37s



I finally got time to detail my wife's 2008 Infinity G37s. She bought it about a month ago and I knew when we looked at it on the lot that I would be putting some time into it. The metal was in great condition with no scratches or dings but the paint looked like it had lived the life of automatic car washes for the last four years. I bought the Flex kit recently so this is my first detail moving up to it from the PC.


This was about the only scratch on the car.



Sratch (and fly) Gone! I wish the chips were as easy to get rid of!




There was an etched-in bird dropping stain on the trunk. The arrow is a chip to use as reference point.




Gone! Chip, not so much. :( Also noticed that I need to clean my lens. :(:(




General condition of the car: Nice and shiny to the average looker's eyes. But to a detailer? Oh, no you don't!






Here's a 50/50 of the trunk lid/spoiler after doing the three step (green, orange, white) polishing with Flex.




Some more after shots.










To sum it up: I love the Flex. These results are the best I've ever gotten with average effort and time (about 6.5 hours or so). In the past with the P-C and basic swirl remover & polishes, this would've taken much more time and a lot more work. The Flex and three-polish process made this one pretty easy. The design of this car was great for detailing also. Smooth flowing lines and a good color that really shows the difference that a good detail can make.

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Thanks for the comments. Ya, she loves her G37. She had a Z3 and was convinced she'd miss having a convertible but this car has changed her mind. I like it too but the only time I get to drive it is when I tell her I have to make sure the detailing was done correctly! :lol:

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I totally want a G37 coupe. Wish I could of gotten one only in black. But had to settle for the altima. Looks great!


Judging from your forum name, you'd love the G37. It has more music options than a friggin' electronics store: AM, FM, CD changer, satellite, hard drive storage, iPod connector, A/V connector to play stuff on the in-dash screen, oh, and a CF card slot! A bit overkill if you ask me but hey, you can probably store enough music in this car to drive across the US and back and never hear the same song twice!

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