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2011 SRT Chally

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My latest Adam's victim was a 2011 brilliant black SRT Challenger. The owner helped on this one so he could have enough money left to buy the necessary goods to maintain.


Friday evening included:

Tires and wheels

2 bucket wash

clay bar

4" focus pads with SHR & FMP on the areas too small for the Flex


Saturday started around 8:30

WW wipe down to remove dust then

SHR and FMP with the Flex

IPA wipe down

Topped off with MSS


I forgot to mention QS on the stripes and the wheels. I&O on the grill and MP on the exhaust tips.


The owner is coming back in about a week for a 2 bucket and a coat of BG and APW.


Can't wait to see it after the BG and APW. :glasses:


This one turned out very nice.


Now what everyone wants to see



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Looks like another Adam's customer for life!


Yep. He had already started using DS, L&IC, & LC. His words, "Everything is so easy to use."


Great job Len!




good job on this one, the car looks great!


Thanks. It had a few scratches that were beyond the Flex. If we had the time we would have used the drill but he was happy with the results so we moved on.

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Len, any fish in that pond across the street?




Oh yeah, the Chally looks great. :drool:


They were stocked about 4 years ago. A couple of bass fisherman in the neighborhood thought it'd be a good idea to bring big bass in from Lake Guntersville and put them in the pond.They did and the big bass ate all the smaller fish. :loser: There are still some in there but nothing worth talking about.


And Thanks.

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