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Jeep SRT8 Wet Sand Spots

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Hey guys, thought I would throw this thread up as it is a work in progress of a bunch of spots on my car that I have been meaning to get to that needed wet sanding. As I have the next few days off ill be updating the thread with pics of the spots as I get to them. First spot tonight was a nice spot on my hood that stuck out like a sore thumb, but now not so much :D. Enjoy the pics and if anyone has q's just let me know.


*Disclaimer-I work at a shop and wet sand almost every day, if you are not familiar with it, do not try this haha*


Here we go:


First spot was caused when I was driving down the freeway and off the big truck in front of me flew a rock and clack clacked off my hood leaving me a nice scratch as I watched the entire thing.






Sanding process underway, scratch almost worked out as seen.






All finished, only place thats left is the actual hit where the rock flew up which is much deeper than I care to sand for my DD. This was after 2k grit>3k grit to swirl and haze, not even fine machine and came out great. after I finish the other marks on the hood ill FMP all of it.



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I have ONE SMALL area that I need done on the Charger. Wish you lived in my neck of the woods, lol. :) NICE work dude.


thanks chase :D, yeah man even if you were like 2 hours id prolly come help you, but from my last trip to ATL I think it was almost 12 hours haha. Its not super difficult, just experience is the best teacher.


Nice work Josh.

thanks :2thumbs:


An old favorite pastime of mine, however nerve racking without a PTG.


I love doing it, I cant wait till be get another show car in that need a complete wet sand. Those are my favorite as the paint is absolutely flawless, but get a scratch again somewhere on that paint and your pretty much f'd. PTG help for sure, if I was ever to wet sand a customer car it would absolutely be used, mine for the hood thats trashed anyways from Michigan winters, oh well :D haha. Its most likely getting completely repainted soon if I can free up the money, but other things are taking precedent right now :cheers:

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You need to take a trip down to Taylor and get this scratch off my hood brother!


hah for sure man, id be down sometime if we can work something out time wise, never nice having a scratch that stares you down every day.


Nice work!!


thanks! :thumbsup:


Came out great!!!:rockon:


Thanks man! I was really happy with the outcome as just the impact point is left, which almost no one will notice unless you are looking for it.

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Worked on the rest of my lift gate tonight and knocked out a few more scratches and a new OEM badge. Well heres some more pics :D


Few on the left side





Look Before



Going after the badge, ryobi heat gun ftw















This wet sanding knocked out some of the orange peel on that section, the reflection is amazing. almost makes me want to wet sand the entire back...almost haha


New Badge on








Was a small change for the badge but my original was falling apart anyways so it was a good change.


Mods btw you can move this to trucks, cant believe I did that again haha.

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