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Who's your pick for the 500


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I'm cheering for the 2 Canucks but to see JR Hildbrand redeem himself for last year would be cool too. Tony Kanan is also a personal Favorite. At least this year it won't be a Danica 500.

Who's your pick/thoughts?



But without Danica there who will finish 12th :lol:

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Looks like the 427 wheels, stripes and color! I think this has a LS9 with 638 HP. But 427 was in the 2008 ZR1. Sorry it is the 60th anniv vette


There was no 2008 ZR1, the C6 ZR1 came out in 2009. And while all C6 ZR1s have the supercharged 6.2L LS9, it's the Z06s that have the 7.0L (427 cu in) LS7. There will be a 427 convertible with the LS7 for the 60th anniversary. I saw this car at the NY Auto Show.




I guess it does look similar to the pace car, but same wheels/stripes does not equal same engines.

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