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New Novice Detailer from Australia


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Gday all,


Drew here from Brisbane Australia. Thought id introduce myself and say Hi. Im 32, work for a powdercoat company producing window and door extrusion for cyclone rated area's.


In my spare time i like to put Km's on my 01 VX Calais L67, and of course keep it looking sharp and in top condition. When i say im a Novice Detailer i mean novice ! just stepped up to a Autobrite Foam Gun if thats anything to go by hahah.


Big shout out to The Junkman !!! watched all his vids on youtube and thought id jump on the forums and learn more from the Adam's Detailing Family.




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Cheers for the warm welcome guys ! :D


Phantom Black Dave, and judging from your VP? ( from what i can tell ) you know the work that goes into owned a black car hahahah. But hey, when they are clean and shining its worth it !!


So the story goes, im keen to step up to RO polishing. Been looking round at different machines, gathering info and advice, watching clips. And from what i can gather its almost impossible to cause serious damage to the paint using a RO machine as apposed Rotory machine. Am i on the right track here? Having said that its all comes down to the compounds you use.


As it stands my VX is in top nic considering its ages with minimal spider webbing and the odd marring mark from the clay bar sliding over a dry spot. My biggest challange is industrial fallout !!!!! working for a powdercoater and next to a container yard, i get all sorts of crap on my paint work on a daily basis. Putting 2 and 2 together i came up with a plan to correct the paint and sealant/wax for protection.


Enter the need for RO and wax/sealant advice. What products in Adam's range could help me protect my pride and joy ??


( Sorry for the long winded post guys, just painting a picture of my situation, will post up some pics, but as you guys would know a picture never really conveys the true condition. )



Drew :2thumbs:

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Ah, Phantom Black, I just last week had an experience with a VX Commodore wearing Phantom Black..... check it out here http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/detailers-write-ups/18070.htm ... that ought to give you an idea of what can be achieved with just a PC and a lot of time & patience.


Mine is VN Calais, wearing a VN Group A body kit (hence the user name) and a coat of Cherry Black paint that was found on VS HSV's. I haven't hit it with the PC and my Adam's supplies yet, but there will be a write up and plenty of pictures when I do.


While you can get great results with the PC, it does seem the general consensus around here is that the Flex is the way to go. With either machine running through the tried and true Adam's line up will make your VX shine! Just watch the Adam's vids a few times and give it a go. As you say, it is almost impossible to damage the paint with a PC, and you'd need to be pretty careless with a Flex too from what I have read.


In your position (which ever machine) I'd grab the full range of Adam's Polishes (Severe Swirl Remover, Swirl & Haze Remover and Fine Machine Polish), plus the appropriate pads (green, orange and white). And for protection it would seem to me you'd want Machine Super Sealant and the grey pad at a minimum. If you want that added Adam's shine :drool: then grab some brilliant glaze and top with Americana (extra protection here too!). Both Brilliant Glaze and Americana are optional, but if your going to all the trouble of machine polishing, then IMO you might as well go all out with the shine side of things too :glasses:


If you go PC, then also grab some 4" Focus pads, they are awesome for getting into tight spots that the big pads can't fit. I also find them great on a drill for getting rid of nasty scratches rotary style, but this has it's risks as any rotary buffer does.


Wow, that was longer than I had intended to write, I hope you find it helpfull :o

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