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Paint correction on Camaro wheels



- Strip wash with Dawn soapy water

- Clean with APC full strength

- Clay bar

- Severe swirl and haze (4" pad)*

- Swirl and haze (4" pad)*

- Fine machine polish (4" pad)*

- Quick sealant

- SVRT for tires


*used corded drill











There doesn't appear to be much difference because the wheels were not in terrible shape. Nevertheless, this particular wheel was in the worst condition of the four. I put touch-up paint on the curb rash and when it dried followed with Adam's Quick Sealant.



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I just did the same thing but didnt step up to the severe. I was not able to remove the swirl marks however, but did make an improvement in shine and clarity. Were you able to remove them?


Thankfully I was. If you look at the before picture at the 4 or 5 o'clock position you can see a long scratch on the face of the spoke. While the scratch is still there it is no longer fully visible. :thumbsup:

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