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Heatshield sunshades

Mark L

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Just had to share this great find I ran across:


It is a "Heatshield" sunshade for all makes and models.


These are made here in California and are custom fit to each vehicle make and model. I just ordered one for my Chevy Malibu and I absolutely love it! It fits like a glove and keeps the interior much cooler now. They claim up to 40 degrees cooler on the interior, which is nice. Liked it so much, I immediately ordered one for my Dad's 2010 GMC Sierra as well.


I highly highly recommend these to anyone who lives in a hot climate, as they are much sturdier and better made than your average $9.99 sunshade. These things are rigid, yet flexible and roll up very easily, then attach with a velcro strap.



I got mine on Amazon (only because I had some gift cards), but they're better to get on eBay, $35 shipped from eBay, seller's name is "protriminc"


They're around $40 shipped on Amazon, fwiw, but no prime shipping.



Here's some pics:





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I just ordered another one, these things are awesome, I can really tell the difference in temperature when I get into the car the next day.


Wish I had one of these with my old Tahoe, I had the dash painted and after 2 valley summers, it cracked from the heat, was a pita to fix too

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that looks really well built... i've been considering one of these for my truck. even under a carport at work, the inside gets above 120 during the day! depending on where i park, the sun hits the windshield either in the morning (super hot when i leave for lunch) or in the afternoon (super hot when i go home)

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