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A day with DemoN and Hell-s1


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So the last Sat of every month is an event called “cars N coffee” here in town. It’s an EASLY event…8-11…but I normally like to get out there around 7 or so to get a good spot.


So Friday evening….I grab up the bag of Adam’s gear and head to the car wash (didn’t want to was in the driveway).



Couldn’t get a good pic of the final product really….




WELP…trucks all clean and I turn in for the night.

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Next morning I load her up and head out. On the way to the show, about a block away….i glance in the review mirror and white smoke is pouring out from under my truck. WTF! I pull over quickly to see what the hell is happening..






YES. That is a TRAIL of transmission fluid. F$%K. Jack it up…one of the tranny coolant lines busted off the transmission. NOT going to be able to fix this HERE…

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Call me a tow truck company….i tell him I need a flat bed.


cuz my truck is 3” off the ground.

“you called the right guy, I have just the trailer. Be there in 45.”

And hour later….he pulls up with THIS badass trailer!




Such a kick *** trailer. I want one!

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So I get the shampoo, bucket, wash pads, GWTS, and detail spray and go to town. Following basic procedure.


Wash top with shampoo and small pad

Wash bottom with shampoo and large pad

Rinse and spray with detail spray

Dry off with GWTs

The night before…I couldn’t see the results of this process really…but NOW?! (actual camera now lol)






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This! I've never known trans lines to just mysteriously break off...????


well...you see....when we were installing the headers...my bro and cuz, Del, were SURE the passenger side header went in from the top. they tried for an hour....and in the process removed my heater lines AND my ac. all that was in the way THEN was the coolant lines. so my cuz was yanking and pulling on them to try to get them to move. They were getting ready to cut them when they finally took my suggestion and tried to stab from the bottom. 5 mins later....i was bolting it in.


While the truck was in the air on the lift there...i happen to be talking to Del on the phone. the transmission guy in the red there walks up and...


"hey...was someone pulling on that line recently? cuz these lines dont just pop out like that"

"funny you ask...cuz im talk to the clown now that was yanking on them when we installed the headers"

"well you tell that clown that the reason you just had to sit on the side of the road for 3 hours was because of him"



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