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Let's do This! I will start this here in a bit.


A couple guidelines...


  • Please detail your recipe with ingredients used and amounts.
  • Please include pictures of your food. Both during and along the way.
  • Please feel free to include what types of Adult Beverage would best pair with your recipe.


Any recipes not including a detail on the above, or not including pics, may be removed. Please keep this thread to strictly recipes.


Thank You.



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The Mook's South Texas BratTub



Polidori Bratwurst (8 count) Polidori Sausage

2 Large Red Onion, Sliced

6 Jalapeno, Sliced

1 TBSP Minced Garlic

6 Pack Negra Modelo

1 TBSP Montreal Steak Seasoning

Large and Deep Baking Pan


(For the Sides)

4 Large, Green Bell Pepper, Sliced

2 Large, Sweet Yellow Onion, Sliced


Salt and Pepper to Taste

Sugar and Crushed Red Pepper to Taste (Onions only)





4 Apples (your favorite breed)

Handful of Brown Sugar

Sprinkle of Cinnamon

4 oz. Caramel Dip



Wash your baking pan out with warm, soapy water and dry it out. Get the beer to room temperature, then pour it in the pan. Gently place the Brats into the tub. Wash and slice up your Red Onions and Jalapenos. Place into pan. Add Garlic and Montreal Steak Seasoning, then give it a nice mixing, being careful not to slosh beer all over the place. Once full, cover in foil, place on cookie sheet. I let my brats sit in that bath for 6 hours inside the fridge, and let them sit out of the fridge for about 40 minutes before I grilled them.


Head out to the grill. Turn it up to 11. OK, turn it all to high. Once it's heated up, turn part of the grill to low, for the veggie bombs (you'll see), and leave the other half as hot as possible for the brat tub. Make sure you have a clean surface, as now is the ideal time to use some veggie oil and a brush to get the grill plates cleaned and ready for food.


Back inside, it's time to clean, cut, and season the accompanying veggies. Once the veggies have been cleaned and cut, get out the foil and make two large squares on the counter top. On the first square, place the peppers. Season them with Salt and Pepper, mix them up, and place a big spoonful of butter on the top. Close up the foil, almost balling it, then wrap it again in another piece of foil. This is what DemoN taught me to be a Veggie Bomb. Take the other piece of foil, dump the Yellow Onions on it, and proceed to season with a little Crushed Red Pepper, Sugar, and another big spoon of butter. Wrap in the same manner as the Peppers. At this point, if you want, take your sauerkraut and Veggie Bomb wrap that baby up too! I do anyway.


Moving onto the apples. When they are cleaned and sliced, sprinkle a healthy portion of Brown Sugar over them. Dust them with Cinnamon. Then drizzle the Caramel over the top, and turn this into a Veggie Bomb too. Place all Bombs on a Cookie Sheet, grab another beer, and head outside to the grill.


At this point, you should be ready to prepare your meal completely outside now. No more in the kitchen for now. I would suggest perhaps having a cooler outside filled with the finest Malted Hops beverages, and some Oldies jamming on the speakerboxx. On the low side of the grill, place the Veggie Bombs, and on the far side (the hot side) of the grill, place the Tub. Leave enough room in the middle to "Flame Kiss" the brats from time to time. I am a tripple kisser/dipper. Meaning, I move the brats from the tub to the grill to the tub again a total of three times before I throw them down my food hole. I start the timer once the beer is boiling, and about 20 minutes or so later, they are done.


Pics! (FWIW I polished out my grill before starting this yesterday. I don't know why. Oh, yeah I do. I went out to start the grill, said, "that needs rubbed on...then did it :lolsmack:)


The Day's Lucky Contestants



Filled the Tub with Beer and Seasonings



All the Awesomeness for the Grill



Placement is Key



A Little KissyKissy



Looking Like I Am Hungry!



Beautiful Sides!



Time to Eat!




Thanks for looking and I hope to learn a thing or two in this thread!


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i wish i could learn how the heck you are 90 lbs when you eat like THAT mook! #$^&%#$


looks great dude!


I'd like to try something close....but using a chicken sausage and no beer. lol

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i wish i could learn how the heck you are 90 lbs when you eat like THAT mook! #$^&%#$


looks great dude!


I'd like to try something close....but using a chicken sausage and no beer. lol


I'm up 6lbs the last ten days!!

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i tend to cook on the "healthier" side...so, while all my meals aren't over the top amazing...the are good on calorie and macro nutrients


here's a few of my favorites i've made:


Ground turkey tomato spehetti sauce on whole wheat noodles:



Stuffed Salomn with grilled veggies and shrimp brown rice:



Stir fried chicken and veggies in an Orange Teriaki Sauce over steamed and seasoned brown rice:



Ground turkey tacos in whole wheat tortillas with a side of grilled veggies:



STUFFED Chicken Fajita tacos on whole wheat tortillas:



Jalapeno Chicken soup:


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How am I suppose to take pics while I am cooking? I'm like a tornado in the kitchen.taz-1.gif


I hate dirty dishes so I am always cleaning them as I go. It makes me crazy to have stuff all over my countertops while I am whipping something up.


Nice post Mook. You can come cook for me anytime. BBQing.gif


My husband doesn't cook at all. piesmiley4.gif

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Kustom's Bourbon Glazed Pork Tenderloin



This is a family favorite and requested every summer holiday! Its may seem daunting but its really not and the flavor will have you craving to make it again and again!


To enhance the smokey flavor in this pork tenderloin recipe, consider using some smoking wood in your grill. Hickory, Mesquite and especially Apple woods all add a savory, aromatic aroma and flavor to the glaze if you add it to your charcoal or wood just before throwing the pork tenderloin on the grill. Be sure to cover the grill as much as possible to hold in that great smoke to fully permeate the meat and glaze.




1 - 1-1/2 lb pork tenderloin


For the Spice Rub:


* 2 tsp sweet paprika

* 2 tsp dark brown sugar

* 2 tsp coarse Sea Salt

* 1 tsp mustard powder

* 1 tsp black pepper

* 1/2 tsp garlic powder


For the Bourbon Glaze:


* 4 tbsp unsalted butter

* 4-6 cloves garlic, minced

* 4 tbsp Bourbon (We used Knob Creek, but any decent Bourbon will due)

* 4 tbsp dark brown sugar (for Paleo eaters I used Coconut Crystals

* 2 tbsp Dijon-style mustard

* 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

* 1/4 tsp ground cloves

* Salt and pepper to taste ~ You want a fairly decent amount to offset the sweetness.




1. Mix the spice rub ingredients (salt, sugar, paprika, pepper, mustard powder and garlic powder in a small bowl and mix thoroughly.


2. Pour the spice mixture over the pork tenderloin and rub into all its surfaces. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator at least 1 hour, up to 4 hours. (I usually let mine site 4-6 hours)


3. Meanwhile, prepare the glaze by melting the butter in a sauce pan over medium heat and adding the minced garlic. Cook about 1 minute.


4. Add the Bourbon, sugar, mustard, cinnamon and cloves and continue to simmer briskly over high heat, stirring almost continuously until it is thick and syrupy, about 2 to 4 minutes. Remove from heat and add salt and pepper. It should be well seasoned for the saltiness to stand up to the sweetness. Pour into a bowl and set aside.


5. Get a hot grill or fire pit started and grill the tenderloins over high heat, turning occasionally until golden brown and cooked through. After the surface is seared a bit, baste the tenderloin on all sides with the Bourbon glaze repeatedly until all the glaze is used up during the final 5 to 10 minutes of cooking. This will take 3 to 4 minutes per size, about 12 to 15 minutes total depending on the heat of the grill and the size of the tenderloin. The internal temperature should be close to 160. Note that pork tenderloin is generally fairly small and thin, so it can overcook quickly. Try to avoid overcooking to maintain moisture and juiciness in the meat! (we used a charcoal separator as too cook it after searing over indirect heat, the glaze is sugar and hence will burn very easy)


6. Note: the smoky, sweet flavor of the glaze can be augmented nicely by smoking woods. If you want, add some hickory, mesquite or apple smoking wood chips or chunks to your fire shortly before cooking the pork. Try to cover the grill with its lid during most of the cooking to hold in all that yummy, aromatic smoke!


7. Transfer to a cutting board and let rest for a few minutes under aluminum foil.


8. Slice into thin medallions on the diagonal and serve. If there is extra pan drippings and glaze it can be spooned over the meat.


Heres the tenderloin washed, patted dry, with the seasoning for the dry rub



Heres the rub all blended together, just use a fork and blend until the brown sugar is all broken down.



Heres the rubbed up tenderloin before I wrap it up in Press-N-Seal for its 4 + hour nap in the fridge



These are all the ingredient for the Glaze ~ Mouth was already watering



Here is what your glaze should look like while it cooks up, nice and thick!!



After its nap in the fridge, all that coarse salt has done its job and got this thing flowing with natural juice



Searing both sides on a hot grill is important to seal in the juice and flavor of the dry rub



This is what it will look like after some time on the fire with it first coat of glaze. With this batch you should get 3 coats per side.



All done and off the grill, notice how nice a saucy it is, smokey salty & sweet



And the best part, sliced heaven, look at the juices running out, no dry pork here my friends!




Pair this with some grilled or roasted veggies like asparagus, cauliflower, carrots. etc.


The sweet smokey taste is offset well with a nice IPA.

Edited by Kustom_FX
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pulled this from Junkman's "Dagwood Pizza Mod" thread when i attempted my own version. this is something you only make once just to say you did!


I just made my mod to the Junkman's Dagwood Pizza Mod now!


Went to the store and got a Digiorno STUFFED crust 3 meat pizza, some pepperoni, salami, canadian bacon, and pork sausage.








Added Red Peppers and Ranch dressing




Added the Pepperoni




Added the Salami




Added the Canadian Bacon




Added the Sausage patties




Added my extra "hot" mod and a mexican blend of cheese




Look how thick that is!








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Hastings Spaghetti :)

4-6 oz 99% lean ground turkey

2 oz whole wheat thin noodles

1/2 cup onions

1/2 cup Bell peppers

1/4 cup black olives

1/4 cup mushrooms

1/2 cup Sauce

1/4 cup skim milk



put 1/4 cup of water in pan.

cook turkey until almost done

Add mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, black olives.

Season to taste. I used what you see. Garlic powder, italian seasoning, Red chili Flakes

add sauce and milk. simmer until onions are semi transparent


Cook noodles in pot.




Total calories: 515.

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Paleo would only need to swap the skim for heavy cream, the pasta for spaghetti squash, the meat is whatever you want it to be.. I like turkey so I would leave that! Thanks James going to make this up this weekend!

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Paleo would only need to swap the skim for heavy cream, the pasta for spaghetti squash, the meat is whatever you want it to be.. I like turkey so I would leave that! Thanks James going to make this up this weekend!


after doing some calorie math. you can double up on the sauce (30 cal per 1/2 cup) and remove the milk completely and you'll get the same calories and a thicker sauce. (will do tonight cuz i still have all the makings lol)

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Whole Food Stuffed chicken roll on pasta



1 6 oz skinless chicken breast

2 oz whole wheat thin pasta

½ cup HEB red pepper Pasta sauce

1 cup frozen fine chopped spinach

1/2 purple onion (1/2 in large pieces, ½ diced)

¼ cup sliced black olives

¼ cup sliced mushrooms

1/2 sliced yellow squash

1/2 sliced green squash

3-4 whole mushrooms

Large sliced green bell pepper

Large sliced red bell pepper

Habenaro Tabasco

Garlic powder

Crushed red peppers

Italian seasonings

Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper

“I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray.




Combine spinach, diced onions, and black olives in a pan. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder

cook until onions semi transparent


Boil pasta and drain.

Salt and pepper lightly.

Put on plate with light covering of parmesan cheese


Heat oven to 400

Roll/flatten chicken breast to about ¼” thick.

Spread stuffing on top. Not too thick.

Roll and hold close with tooth picks

Salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning the outside

At med-high heat in pan on stove (spray pan with spray butter) quickly brow up both sides. This will help hold it closed too

In a oven pan, add ¼” of water

Place chicken roll in pan with 4-5 whole mushrooms, Large sliced green bell pepper, Large sliced red bell pepper, and large purple onion slices

Season veggies with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, and crushed red peppers

Bake for 20 mins-ish


Pour ½ cup sauce, 1/8 cup water, ¼ cup sliced mushrooms, and any extra stuffing.

Add habenaro Tabasco to make it awesome.

Simmer until hot and sauce reduces SOME.

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just so you know, every time you have a giorgio mushroom, you can thank me, i build the machinary for thier production plant lol


i go thru a jar every 3 days. MAKE BIGGER JARS.

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I'm gonna blow this thread up with smoker recipes as soon as I have some time... mook knows all to well my love of grilling as hes usually one of the first to get text pictures when I'm out there... which is pretty much every weekend :D


and i'm the last, apparently. cuz i never get ANY. wtf

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