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Melted Crayons On The Sun Visor

Integrity Detailing, LLC


Ok, does anyone here have any experience or advice on cleaning melted Crayons from the cloth portion of a sun visor? Sorry, I didn't take a picture. The only good thing is that the stain is only about a 3 inch area.


I'm thinking I'll heat it up with a hair dryer to get it soft enough to just pull up majority of the goo. The one of my Adam's brushes with the Interior Cleaner to lightly scrub the rest out. Finally, wipe it with a MF towel.


I may have answered my own question but I wanted to see if any of you more seasoned vets had a tip for me. Thanks in advance.

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If you have a steamer....


Trying using the "wallpaper" attachment (it's square, about 12" * 8"), and put a white cotton towel over it. Soak the stain first with C&UC, and then steam it for a minute or so. It should soften up and transfer to the towel.

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Why in the world would anyone have crayons above their visor?? :willy::help::willy:


I think thats a great idea! :2thumbs:


Oh, I forgot to mention, my client has 2 kids.


I can also read an entire page of a letter from one of the seats. I Adam's Leather Cleaner will take care of that.


Thanks for the input everyone. I'll be sure to post what worked as I should be tackling this vehicle this Saturday.






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