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Leather and Interior Cleaner Leaking...



Anyone have any issues with their LIC leaking from the nozzle? This has happened twice. I cleaned it off once and it reappeared so I took some pictures then took the nozzle off, cleaned it, and sprayed a liberal amount of water through it.


Where it sits on the shelf. You can see where it's dripping:



Build up on nozzle:




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Thats really weird... because if its sitting undisturbed then that means the cleaner is working its way up the straw and out the nozzle.


Has it been getting hot?


Nope. It sits in a room in the house out of sunlight. The vents in the room are usually shut so there's no heat going to the room. All of my products are in there and none of them seem different.

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Yup! My interior bottle been leaking for a bit now, but can't figure out where its coming from. I thought maybe the bottom had some type of leak but could be the sprayer....Made quite a mess on my cart.I'm not sure how to store the bottle now. I just don't like losing any of my product......frustrating ...

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