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Great Company!!! Love you guys


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I have to say Adams guys are great!!. I ordered a shipment of a bunch of stuff on Tuesday morning for some products I really needed for this weekends Details and some other things I wanted. I noticed today that it wasn't shipped out yet. Usually they go out the same day. So I chated up with Lynn and found out the Waterless wash was out and waiting to be filled and should go out later today but it wouldn't make it to me by the weekend. But I said I really need some of the other things really bad for this weekend details. Lynn ask what I was out of and they are going to send a emergency kit out today overnight to me and I will get it tomorrow. I have to say Adams is one of the best company's. Great customer service! Anyway just wanted to say that.

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Brent, where in md are you? If you need any ww (or anything else) for this weekend I'll pour you some from my stash and you can get me back whenever. Pm me if interested.


Hey Rich, I am in Northern Balto County. But I was just restocking up on waterless wash since it is pollen season. I have enough of the waterless wash for now, I was just out of green wheel cleaner, undercarriage spray and detail spray. But those are all being delivered today. But thanks a lot though!! Very nice of you. :2thumbs:

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