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Real old bike detail


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This past Saturday one of my buddies brought his old 20+ year old Suzuki up. It's a new bike to him. He's a new rider and this is his first purchase so he thinks it's outstanding. This bike definitely needed lots of love though. It's sat untouched for about 12 years from what he told me.


This was my first bike detail so it was a little learning for myself as well but I stuck with the full on Adams love.


After letting the bike cool down completely started with a good hose off then foam, then a good wash.

Items used: (All items listed are Adams..well except for the hose and water)

Fire hose nozel, car shampoo, foam gun, APC, fender brush, lug brush, wash mitts, green wheel cleaner, detail spray.


After a wash we were able to see how bad of shape some areas were in. I told him upfront I dont have any magic to fix a torn seat or a cracked fender but the rest I'd give a go at disappearing.


















This included a lot of steel wool 0000 with MP1 on the chrome and our now retired hand pad with shr and fmp on the tank and fenders. I did bust out the 4" pads as well for some of the tank work.


All in all I think it turned out quite decent for its age and condition.


Here's some after photos




















Lessons Learned:

This much oxidation on chrome don't even waste time with the mf pad..go right to some steel wool 0000 and MP

Working with steel wool 0000 is a big PITA! Little shredded fibers end up all over the place.

Definitely wear some form of gloves (which I did not). MP on chromes makes a mess

Plan on having beat up hands. My left hand has 6 cuts on it now from nicking it on various nuts/bolts and engine corners.


Thanks for reading!!

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