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Hi everyone,


I'm Steve from Manassas, VA. I'm fairly new to the forums but have been using Adam's products for the last few years. I recently purchased the Porter Cable and detailed my truck last weekend. I'm almost amazed at how good it looked once I was finished. I'll probably get a bit more practice with it on my wife's Honda before I use it on my Vette, but I don't think she'll mind.


It's good to be here.



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Let's see some pics of the rides
OK. Here's a pic of my F-150 when it was fairly new.




Here's a close up a the door from last weekend.




Here's the Vette.




To date I've only hand polished the Vette. It's got some very fine swirl marks that I plan on correcting with the PC in the near future. I'll probably wait until I remove the BSM's before I take the PC to it.

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