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Hammered BMW X3 Paint Correction

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It's nice seeing the results of someone who actually knows how to use a rotary, instead of the usual holograms most hacks leave behind. Great job!


What's funny is, I don't know how the "pro's" hack up vehicles so bad with rotary's. IMO, my PE-14 is much easier to use than the 3401, and cuts so fast compared to a PC it's not even funny. Even my first time using it, I practiced on the DD, and although I had to finish down with FMP on a PC, I wasn't inducing holograms and it was my first time. You have to respect the damage they can do, but IMO, they are the easiest machine to use.


BTW, the BMW came out geat. Will assume you used some Adam's supplies in your detail :thumbsup:

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