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Adam's saved me (hopefully)


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One my way to a detail job this morning. Ahead of me I see a lady driving pretty recklessly, so I fallow her and sure enough she blows through a red light. So I continued to fallow her "after the light turned green" Caught up to her at a intersection, where she was turning right as was I. As she pulled forward I ASSUMED she was pulling out. So I turn my head to look at oncoming traffic as I pull forward. I turn my head forward again to see the car still there! Quickly I hit the brakes. The lady in the car in front of me gets out and looks angry however I do not know why. She tells me I hit her. Which I could not believe so I get out to take a look. She is getting back in her car to call the police. I look at her bumper and see no damage. So I tell her I do not think I hit you. Here reply was she felt and heard the bumper push in. So i remain calm and ask her if she minds if I wipe down the area for a better look. She agrees and I pull out the detail spray and a cloth.


I wiped down the area and just as I though nothing but a very small scratch. I tell her I am not sure if I caused that but I would be happy to remove it. She says that her husband will flip if there is anything wrong with it. So I continue to remain calm and suggest that I try to remove it. Sure enough I got most of it out. Only using SHR and the manual applicator. She still took all my info and was going to see what her husband says.



So thanks Adam's for being in my trunk when I needed ya. :lol:


I really do not think he is going to say anything but I could be wrong. After she found out I clean cars and I offered to detail it for her. Her reply was that her husband use to detail. Which could be true could be false. I will let everyone know what happens.


One thing is for sure she said I was tailgating but I never mentioned why I was fallowing her, not tailgating. :loser:


PS the detail turned out well.



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Dang man, that's crazy. Hopefully it works out for you....offer to hit it up with a machine for her, maybe you can drum up some business.


On a side note, I would have given her Mayben's address and phone # :)

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1 Car length when stopped in traffic.

At startup count 1,2,3 look left, right, left check mirrors.


Sorry. Just the drill I get everyday.


I would have thought you would have known if you hit her. Was there any marks on your bumper? It was probably a sensation she got by letting up off the brakes somewhat. I have experienced it as well when the A/C compressor kicks on. I would have let her call the cops. With no damage it would have been your word against hers. I was dating a gal years ago and we went to the mall. We both got out and started walking in. The lady in the car next to my gf sides quickly jumps out and says she dinged her car with the door. I asked the gf if she hit her car, her reply was no. I go back open the door as far as it would go, still a good 10 inches between the door and her car....:loser:

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