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5.5" vs 7" pads



I have been told that the 5.5" pads and the porter cables work very well together and anything over 6" is a little big for the lower power of the machine. I have notice the new pads from adams are 7" so im wondering if the new pads will decrease the paint correcting abilites of the PC.


My car's paint is in good contion and will be fine with the PC but my GF's car's paint has seen better days (scuffs and scrathes from cleaning snow of the car and car wash run-thru's). She actually surprised me with a PC XP yesderday for my birthday so I'm looking for some pads and product to start my kit.


I was deciding on the PC or the Flex but the PC came in so im looking for the best way to go for pads in terms of making her car look its best with all the paint correction needed.


Thanks guys.


Ill try to snap some pics next time I'm near her car

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For some reason, on other forums, the standard theory is that the PC cannot handle pads that are over 6", and the all the cutting/correcting power comes from the 360 spinning of the pad. While some of these guys are great detailers, I don't understand how they come to this conclusion. I have 4", 5.5", 6.75" pads that I use with the PC. While the small pads may correct a little quicker, the bigger pads obviously can do the job!


Just look at all the trophies and results from Adam's that support that the PC can handle big pads. Yes, at lower speeds that don't correct very well (1,2,3), but either do any of the pads.

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