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New here, all the way from The Netherlands


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Hi guys, and girls?


I've been reading this forum for some time now and I think it's time to introduce myself.


My name is Chris, and I'm 41 years young.

I work as a system administrator in mental healthcare.


Although this site is specially for Adam's products, I have never used them at this moment.


But last week I was at a car show where there was a company that will bring Adam's to The Netherlands.


That means that I will try them this summer.


New to Adam's, but definately not new to detailing.

Both my Alfa Romeo's bling to the maxxxxx, no swirls or other nasty things!


Here are some pics of my cars, I think they are not available in the US.

Tough luck for you all ;)...


First my silver metallic 2000 Alfa Romeo 916 Spider:





And here is my black 2007 Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon:










Thanks for reading!!

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Nice rides! :2thumbs:


You sure don't see many Alfa Romeo cars in the USA.


You being in mental healthcare, you might be able to help a few of our AF members.


Most of them are addicted to Adam's. :jester:


You are going to love your Adam's products once you get your hands on them. Those cars of yours will be more amazing then they already are. :2thumbs:

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Hoi Christian!

As a Dutchie myself (name is really Ad, not Adrian) I sure miss the Alfa's since I live in the States (11 years now). I've only ever owned one, an Alfetta GTV 2.5 that I used to race at Zandvoort, but if I had stayed there I'm sure I would have owned more...!

Welcome (back) and compliments on both your rides, they look immaculate without Adams, can you imagine what they'll look like WITH Adams?? Plus don't forget that one of the HUGE benefits of Adams products is time savings. You can truly get the same or better results in half the time!!

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