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New guy from Jersey


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Hey im Bryan From Jersey.


Been using adams stuff for a while. Got hooked on them from Dylan, back in the GMFS days.


I try to keep my NBS and OBS gm trucks as nice as i can with them.


here is a couple older shots, once it stops raining ill detail again, its just been raining like once a week here.









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welcome to the forum!


DemoN Sucks, Whats up James


welcome somerset here that obs is that a 454 ? have you been to ok4wheeldrive show before it looks familiar.


Nope, its got a small block, its a 454 clone pretty much. I havent been to ok4wd in years, and never for a show.


Welcome to the forum. I hear ya with the rain. Every week it's coming down. At least the weekends and have good enough to get back out there and clean em up!



its just dissapointing when you polish it up and then 2 days later it looks like crap. i have new tires and wheel spacers since the pictures, so they stick out and driving in the rain covers the side of the truck in water.



Welcome! Where are you located?


south jersey next to rowan here


Im in Flemington, so around a hour or so away.


Come to sweet valley one day. I wanna see the NBS.


Sent from my DROID2


Maybe, you will have to wait till i get it cleaned up first lol

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