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Who Said Silver Won't Shine?

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BLAM! That Ram is shining. Great job, although I never doubted your ability to Adamize.


BTW next time can you bring your vehicles outside the garage and take pictures. This way all of us don't start :drool: when we see yours. :thumbsup:

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Looking nice... and yes Silver CAN shine:




And some more shiny goodness:




Two keys:

Proper polishing before... use of a good sealant (MSS applies in this pic),

topped with BG and APW !!! FTW..


Happy detailing,



[edit] Pardon the Iphone pics... I need to get me DLSR out and do a photoshoot... sigh... one of these days...

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Silver... It's my next "color" choice... I'm done with dark colors. I just can't keep up with having young ones running around and all...


Looks great Chris!



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