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Question on amount of Americana coats

Enigmatic Soul


Hello everyone, this past Saturyday I spent detailing my Optima, at the end I went with the qs, bg and Americana combo, the only thing is that I only used one coat of Americana, my car looks fantastic:drool: but now reading the forums, I feel that I should of at least put 2 coats on it:willy:. My questions are how many coats is average? I read on the container to not store the applicator in the jar, why is that? I had it in there since I bought it, but only opened the jar this past Saturday, can I leave the applicator with the wax residue or do I need to clean it before I use it again, and lastly how long will my combo last, this is my dd driver and its parked outside since I dont have a garage. I would wax it more often but Ive read here also about making the paint cloudy, just want to get it right, though I love the way my car came out when I did it. Love the products! I put pics up, feel free to take a glance and comment. Thanks in advance all! :grouphug:

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