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Cool, fun site: netknots.com


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I recently found this site and it's really cool -- just basically a how-to site to tie all kinds of fishing, boating and climbing knots. I know it doesn't seem like a huge deal, but I was thinking if you had a kid it would be fun to teach them some of these (if you can tear 'em away from the video games for a while :lol:). A lot of them have been really handy for me recently, too, on my sailboat.


Best Fishing Knots and Rope Knots, animated and illustrated

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I am not good at knots! I tried when I was a Scout, and even as a Scout leader. I have no idea why that rabbit went around the tree to get in the hole.

My late father tried for years to teach me how to tie a bowline. I just learned in 5 minutes. Rabbit, tree, :willy: what the... Sorry Dad!

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