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2008 Ford Explorer Corrective & Interior Detail

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Usually I post 50/50 photo shots with the before on the left and the after on the right. Well, I'm still kicking myself for not snapping a full side view of the before stage. :loser:


However, in some of the photos you can see clearly the correction that was made.


- 2 bucket wash detail.

- clayed immediately after 1st rinse

- 2nd rinse

- GW and Sidekick drying

- full interior detail (including melted Crayon removal - more photos of that to come soon)

- 4" focus pads on PC in needed areas (SSR, SHR & FMP)

- regular pads on PC on entire vehicle (SHR, FMP & MSS)

- SVRT all exterior trim but not on tires (client requested glossy :glasses::rolleyes: )

- metal polish on rims to remove baked on brake dust (sorry, not Adam's MP....I just made my 1st order of that last Thursday & I should have that today.)

- And of course a finishing touch of UCS. My clients kids shouted, "Grape juice!!" :lol:


NOTE: as I was typing this, FedEx pulled up with my Adam's MP 1 & 2!! :D:mail: GEDC0807.jpg


This is damage from an egg.



This damage is through the clear and into the color.



The neighborhood kids need a butt whipping for this.



Front passenger seat.



Rear passenger seat.



No more hood damage.



"Grape juice!"



Single shot of the hood.



This blue is now brilliant once again.



4-for-1: Clean wheels, fresh undercarriage, SVRT on running board and corrected paint.



Again, I'm upset that I did not get a side profile of the before filth. But this after shot speaks volumes.


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That is a shame that someone would do that to someone else's property, but luckily they have you to fix it! Great work Anton.


Yeah, that is pretty childish of whomever was throwing eggs. I told my client to at least wash the egg off as soon as she notices it. Hopefully, that won't happen again. If it does, I'm on it.

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