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finally had a chance to do an adam's detail on my optima sx.


My cousin thought i was crazy when i pulled up to his house and took out all of my adams products, but he was amazed at the results, i went with the car shampoo, clay bar, ds, quick sealant, bg, americana, gwc, apc, super vrt, in and out spray, leather cleaner and l conditioner, glass cleaner, sealant, man i went all out lol, now i have to reorder by the gallon lol, everyone was right, man all the products smell great, adams should make his own car air freshner just for kicks! Id bet it would be awesome.


When i got back home to my complex, my neighbors father in law was highly impressed with my car's looks and i just showed him a few items and just cleaned his window and sealed it, and put some vrt on just one tire so he can compare to the rest. He wanted the website right away so i text him a link and now he's gonna get his own set to take to south america since he bought a new pick up truck out there.


So adams is going global, hopefully word of mouth and sight of the shine gets you some international sales. Its adams worldwide!













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