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1970 Chevelle

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Decided to clean the chevelle this morning. Didn't have a PC so everything was by hand, good thing was that the paint was corrected a few months ago so it wasn't too bad to start with. Took about 5 hours.


2 Bucket wash

Clay Bar

2 Bucket Wash and dry

dressed the engine

Cleaned the Interior

Glaze with hex grip

Americana Wax

Dressed tires

Metal Polish 1 and 2 on the wheels.


Heres a couple of pics.

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It's a 454 3 speed automatic. It was bought as more of a weekend cruiser.


Honestly, what else would you use one for? I'd HATE to use a classic like that as a DD. :o

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I love it! I don't want to thread hijack but my Dad had a maroon '70 454SS when I was a kid and I currently own his '71 El Camino 454SS. Even in such big vehicles, the 454 is something special!

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