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"Daddy, there's scratches on the back of my car,


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and I don't know how they got there".


Yea, right: but I know how to get rid of them! Crazy mad skills and Adam's detailing products :thumbsup:


Before's and after's from three different angles:












Perfect? By no means, but a heck of a lot better. I ended up doing a full blown correction on the entire rear bumper.

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Nice work Dave! :2thumbs:


Were they as deep as they look in the pics? That is really an amazing turn around.




Yes they were! Most all are through the clear, well into the base coat. I figured where they were at I'd see how well I could knock them down with 1500 grit, most are still there but, with their edges rounded off they're no longer noticable from a normal angle. The rest of the bumper came out really nice too.






Great job!!! Looks like she backed up on a curb.


Pretty much what I've figured...

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About time someone commented on the undercarriage! Look at the fun I have planned for it during the Fourth of July:


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