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All Buckets are Now 5 gallon!

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No price increase... just a size increase!


All kits that include buckets now get our larger 5 gallon bucket at no extra charge. Not only do they hold more, but they also have measurements on the side to help you estimate your mixtures a little more effectively.







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Change is not always good but when it is an Adam's change it it is always for the better. Always seem to lose alot of suds out the top the bucket with the lg pad. Just not enough room with grit guard. Thanks guys for a bigger bucket.:)

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Yeah I'm waiting on a special for me to but buckets...I've spent a lot in the past 2 weeks with Adams I want 2 buckets but they are kinda on the high side...so when that special pops up I may just get 3....3 bucket wash time....


Spreadin pimpin mobile from tapa son...

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