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Young gal lives down the street from me has a nice looking jeep for sale. Finally stopped and talked to her about it and the price. Couple hours later we got back to talking about the jeep. :lolsmack:



It has a removable "black" top. Currently it's a very very dirty black top. Also has some kind of white spots on it - large and small. I've never detailed a fiberglass top before and need to know what I might be able to use to bring the finish back to it. It "needs" a big time claying for sure.


Then the exterior is black with painted blue flames on the front of the hood. Not into flames but can deal with them for now. Would I have to be extra careful when detailing over those? I need to check and see how much clear coat is left on them, if any. Lots of chrome on it.


Has some super expensive rims on it. Will get the name of them from her.


I'll get some pictures tomorrow and post them. She's asking $6,000 for it. It's a little 4 banger, manual transmission. Just what I've been looking for, for a DD. I'm going to offer her $3,500 for it and if need be, can go up a little.


Interior - it has "cloth" seats - kind of a white or tan color. They really need a good cleaning. Going to try and do that by using Adam's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaer. I think out of everything that needs to be done on it are the cloth seats. If the Upholstery cleaner doesn't cut it, any recommendations?

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Jeeps are fun to own/drive/tinker with... they're so simple mechanically that in a way they remind me of a VW bug - something that most any repair or mod you can do yourself easily.


On the top - is it the textured plastic or smooth fiberglass?


It's a textured or semi textured - not smooth - if that makes any sense.


I had a 1965 VW bug that I absolutely loved to drive in the snow. Find a straight stretch, pull the emergency brake and turn the steering wheel just a tad and in an instant you did a 180 degree turn. Easy to work on.


That's just another reason I'm going to get this jeep. Little 4 bangers are a breeze to work on. Don't have to worry about a dozen little computers getting into my way.


Oh, the top is fiberglass.

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Hmmm... you know what year it is? Pic of the top?


Most likely its a top that can be scrubbed with APC and dressed with SVRT, but I have seen some other ones that are textured, but are more like paint, and need wax.


:lol: I knew you or somebody was going to ask the year of the jeep. I have to apologize, she told me once what it was but I just completely forgot about it. I will get the year and pic's tomorrow.


I was thinking that the top was a semi smooth type but the more I think about it, I believe it's on the smoother side. Anyway, it's a flat black, no clearcoat.


I was thinking about using APC and SVRT. Also, after I get it smoothed out, would it be okay to try some of the In & Out spray? I love that product!


The other thing that I was wondering about - if the top is fiberglass, I don't see no reason one couldn't take a power sander, smooth it out and then paint it, adding clearcoat to it.


Overall, it's a used jeep but it's still, in a certain way, an eye catcher when you see it going down the road.

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